Scientific Research Activities

The Law Faculty has been pursuing, organizing and encouraging scientific research activities since 1960. Being strategically committed to permanently correlate the academic education with the scientific research and professional practice, the wide range of Faculty scientific research activities contribute to a number of diverse objectives, such as: promoting the development of the knowledge society; resolving current social problems and issues pertaining to the operation of the legal system; promoting the development of legal science and scientific research; the advancement of legal education and legal profession; the implementation of the life-long learning principle; the professional development of new generations of academic and scientific researcher staff; the students' inclusion in the scientific research projects; promoting the Faculty as a national and regional centre for the fundamental, developmental and applied scientific research in the field of social sciences and humanities; establishing scientific cooperation with related scientific institutions in the country and abroad for the purpose of facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experience and participating in joint projects; establishing cooperation with the judicial and other legal/social institutions and providing better working conditions for the Faculty development.

The scientific research activities are organized by and carried out within the Centre for Legal and Social Research. Over the past 48 years, the Faculty has carried out a large number of scientific research projects which have significantly contributed to the development of the legal science. In the past period, either individually or in cooperation with other institutions in the country and abroad, the Faculty has organized over 30 scientific conferences of both national and international character. The papers presented at these scientific meetings are published in the Faculty thematic collections of papers, which provides for the dissemination of scientific knowledge and ideas. Since 1960, the Law Faculty has been publishing the Law Faculty Journal, a scientific magazine aimed at publishing the annual and thematic collections of papers from the Faculty scientific meetings. This periodical has been enlisted by the Ministry of Science into the R62 category of national scientific journals.