Students’ Parliament

Students' Parliament is a body of a higher education institution or department which has a management body and a body of admitted students. The election proceedings and the membership of the Students' Parliament are regulated by a general act of the higher education institution.

All students of the higher education institution or department are entitled to vote and be voted members of the Students' Parliament, providing that they are enrolled into a study program in the academic year when the Students' Parliament is being elected.

The members of the Students' Parliament are elected for a period of one year. The Students' Parliament elections are held in April each academic year, by a secret ballot in a direct voting system.

In order to provide for the protection of students' rights and interests, the Students' Parliament is eligible to appoint and discharge the students' representatives in the managing bodies of a higher education institution or department, as well as in the bodies of other institutions where students are eligible to be represented in compliance with the institution statute.

The first constitutive assembly of the Students' Parliament at the Law Faculty in Nish was held on 3rd November 2006. There have been two Students' Parliament elections since.

The President (Chairman) of the Students' Parliament is Aleksandar Janić.

The Students' Parliament is a body of 25 members. Students' representatives are selected from the membership of the two students organizations operating at the Faculty of Law in Nish, including 19 representatives from the Law Faculty Student's Union and 9 representatives from the ELSA.

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The Students' Parliament is eligible to perform the following activities:

  • to verify the mandates (terms of office) of the students elected in the SP elections
  • to appoint and discharge the SP President/Chairperson and the Vice-President
  • to appoint and discharge the Student Vice-Dean
  • to appoint and discharge the SP representatives in the Faculty and the University bodies
  • to adopt the annual and monthly plan and the budget of the SP activities
  • to deliberate on the issues pertaining to the quality assurance and the evaluation of the teaching process, the reform of study programs, the analysis of the efficiency of studying, the development and advancement of student mobility, the promotion of students' scientific research activities, the protection of students's rights and interests, and the improvement of students' standard.
  • to establish operative bodies to manage individual activities within the SP competences and adopt their subsequent reports
  • to control, monitor and supervise the work of the constituent students' organizations within its organizational structure
  • to coordinate the students' organizations activities; each activity is subject to prior approval of the Students' Parliament
  • to give official opinions on the pedagogical work of the Faculty teaching staff for the purpose of their promotion into a higher academic rank
  • to deliberate on and approve the requests or motions on the activities iniciated by Faculty students or student groups, which are subject to the SP prior approval and in compiance with the SP objectives.
  • to allocate the approved funds for the realization of students' or student group's activities, review and adopt the financial reports submitted to the SP upon the completion of the activity
  • to organize and support students'professional and scientific exchange projects, and all other forms of students' cooperation with other Faculties and Universitites; and
  • to perform other tasks and activities, in compliance with the University Act and the SP acts.