The Center for Legal and Social Research

The Center for Legal and Social Research is a constituent part of the scientific research unit primarily aimed at organizing and managing the Faculty scientific research activities. The Center encompasses the entire body of Faculty professors and teaching assistants but project activities may also include the Faculty non-teaching staff and external associates.

The Center operative bodies are the Scientific Council, the Center Manager and the Secretary.

The Center activities include scientific research, expert counseling and publishing.

The Center for Legal and Scientific Research is eligible to perform the following activities:

  • prepare the plan and program of Faculty scientific research activities;
  • organize and coordinate scientific research projects and other activities within the scope of the Faculty and University scientific research plans and programs;
  • organize and prepare materials for scientific conferences of national and international character, scientific and professional meetings, seminars and other kinds of cooperation among related Faculties, teaching departments/chairs and teaching staff/assistants;
  • perform the tasks it has been assigned under the contracts the Faculty has signed with interested institutions, organizations or users of the Faculty service;
  • organize instruction in cooperation with the Center for Permanent Education and take part in the implementation of the permanent education programs;
  • disseminate and publicize the results of the Center's scientific and professional research projects;
  • organize and carry out multi-disciplinary instruction at the post-graduate studies, prepare and organize scientific research practice for post-graduate candidates;
  • promote the development of teaching methodology in the field of legal and social sciences, and their implementation in the teaching process;
  • establish cooperation and contacts with similar or related institutions in the country and abroad, joining experts of various professional profiles;
  • provide intellectual, advisory and counselling services;
  • and perform other tasks and duties assigned by the Faculty.