Students’ Organizations

Under the Law Faculty Statute (Art. 37), students are guaranteed the right to get organized in students' organizations, which are primarily aimed at protecting students' rights and common interests.Students are entitled to autonomously establish students' organizations, to elect their management bodies, to plan the program of activities, to organize projects and other activities, to establish cooperation with other students' organizations and other institutions in the country and abroad.

The Law Faculty fully supports the activities of the Students' Parliament and the two students' organizations by providing adequate premises and equipment, financing students' educational, cultural, sports and other activities, financing students' projects and ceremonial events.

The Law Faculty has designated a separate Fund for financing student organizations' projects. In the capacity of the project holders, the students' organizations have an equal treatment and access to the financial assets. Upon a public announcement, the students' projects are subject to the Faculty selection process. The funding criteria and requirements are regulated by the Rules on Funding Student Organizations' Projects.