Student Vice-Dean

The office of a Student Vice-dean is envisaged by the Faculty Statute. Student Vice-Dean is the students' representative who takes part in the activities of the Dean's Collegium, the Faculty Council and the Academic Council in discussions on all issues of students' immediate interests.

Student Vice-Dean represents the students before the Faculty bodies and advocates their opinions, proposals and requests related to the quality of the education and the complaints about the organization of the educational process. Student Vice-Dean has to coordinate the operation of student teams appointed by the Students' Parliament, to coordinate the operation of the students' organizations, and propose relevant measures for the improvement and advancement of the teaching process. Student Vice-Dean reports and explains to the students the Faculty standpoints on significant issues relevant to the students' interests.

Student Vice-Dean is elected and discharged of duty by the Students' Parliament. Student Vice-Dean is elected from the body of the active Faculty students for the period of one year. Student Vice-Dean is obliged to submit regular reports to the Students' Parliament (in each parliamentary session) on the issues related to his/her immediate competency.