Lecture "Introduction to EU Private International Law and Brexit implications", given by Dr. Dr. h.c. Christa Jessel-Holst

On May 14th 2018, the Center for Private International Law of the Hague Conventions at the Law Faculty, University of Niš, was honoured to host the distinguished guest, Dr. Dr. h.c. Christa Jessel-Holst, former Senior Research Fellow (Head of the South East Europe Unit) of the Max-Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law in Hamburg.


In her welcome address, Assistant Professor Sanja Marjanović, has highlighted the most important professional accomplishments of Dr. Christa Jessel-Holst.

In the course of her lecture, Dr. Christa Jessel-Holst has given a general retrospective regarding the process of creating the PIL system of the European Union – from the system of multilateral conventions concluded by the Member States to the EU secondary legislation (from the Treaty of Maastricht to the TFEU).

Furthermore, Dr. Christa Jessel-Holst has emphasised the influence of EU PIL on the national PIL systems in the Candidate States, bearing in mind the required harmonization with the acquis communautaire in PIL matters. In that respect, she has given an insight of the most recent legislative reforms in the SEE region.

Afterwards, she has focused on the Brexit implications on the EU PIL, discussing the legal basis of Brexit and the influence on the primary EU legislation in the context of the four freedoms of movement. In the dynamic discussion with the students, Dr. Christa Jessel-Holst has also explained the Brexit implications on the EU regulations in PIL matters with the UK participation and the possible alternatives.